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Types of fee-based services for foreign citizens Name of contact person, phone number, (e) – mail The mode of operation of the institution
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Polyclinic Pre-trip inspection drivers survey to establish the use of alcohol and narcotic drugs Ersh L. S., Deputy Chief doctor (health care of the population of the region)

8 (02235) 26851

ocipovichi_poliklinika @ tut . by

Polyclinic Medical and prophylactic examinations 8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Consulting medical specialists 8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Immunization   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic X-ray studies   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Ultrasound Diagnostics   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Functional Diagnostics   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Endoscopic Diagnostics   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Laboratory Diagnostics   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Massage, mechanical massage (on couch)   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Physical therapy (laser therapy, electro-, light-, heat therapy)   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Hydrotherapy (underwater shower-massage, baths)   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Reflexology   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Gynecological services   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Dermatovenerologičeskie services   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Urological services   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic ENT services   8.00-20.00
Polyclinic Ophthalmologic services



Dental clinic Dental services



Tymoshenko Z.A., head of the dental clinic (dentist)

8 (02235) 21499

ocrb @ mail . ru


District Hospital Provision of first aid and emergency medical assistance


Shatilo P. G., Deputy Chief doctor (medical section)

8 (02235) 65052

ocrb @ mail . ru

24 hours a day
District Hospital


Hospital stay 24 hours a day
District Hospital


Long-distance road transport services 24 hours a day
District Hospital


Transportation services, accompanied by a medical worker   24 hours a day


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